My 5 Monthly Obsessions | January

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January has been one hell of a month. How has your January been?

For me, I have been reviewing how last year went and how 2019 will be even better, creating new business marketing tactics, and getting ready for taxes (super fun)! I’ve also set my 2019 business, personal, and monthly goals. I have been scheduling the annual check ups for the fur babies, the cars, and date nights with Alex! We are off on the right foot to a great and fulfilling year, and I wanted to share a list of my 5 monthly obsessions that are making me excited for it all!

Hopefully you will love them too, and help you get excited for the year as well!

My 5 Monthly Obsessions | January

1. AMC Stubs A-List Monthly Subscription

AMC Stubs A-List has saved our lives! As you may have read in my post, 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me, I LOVE the movies! Going to the theater on any occasion is fine by me! Even if we have a night in I love putting blankets down, popping some popcorn and watching a great movie.

Before AMC Stubs A-List, we used to have MoviePass and would go to the theater 2-3 times a week! Once MoviePass went under, we got rid of our annual subscription and just started to pay for individual movies again. Since we were going so often, it was putting a hole in our pockets! Then we heard about AMC Stubs A-List, and its a WAY better deal than MoviePass. (Disclaimer: I am not being paid by AMC in anyway to mention their Stubs A-List. This is my personal review.)

With AMC Stubs A-List we can see up to three movies a week without any blackouts, and we can watch the same movie as many times as we want. When it comes to concessions you get a free upgrade. So the regular and large size drinks and popcorn are the same price as just getting the regular size. The best part is that we can reserve our tickets from anywhere and anytime as soon as the tickets are available! To join, it’s only $20 per month! That’s how much we were spending for Alex and I on 1 movie.

These are the reasons why AMC Stubs A-List made my list of obsessions for the month since it’s saving me SO MUCH MONEY, and allows me to keep doing something I really love to do.

Here’s more information to join the AMC Stubs A-List.

2. Money Box (Free + Paid App)

I absolutely love this app! It is one of my obsessions this month because it helps me see how much money needs to be saved for certain things, plus it’s super easy to manage.

Now I am a paper and pen gal. When it comes to my goals I like writing them out and find pleasure in checking or crossing them off. HOWEVER, when it comes to my money I really do enjoy this app. (Disclaimer: I am not getting paid from the people of Money Box in any way. This is my personal review.)

What I love about this app is that I can see the things I am saving for like a couch, my personal savings, car repairs, vet appointments, gifts, etc… I love that it displays a progress bar to see how much more I have to go, and how much I’ve already saved.

I appreciate that it does the math for me and displays the amount of money I need to save depending on the frequency I have set. For example, I am saving for dash cams for my car and I want to set money aside for it weekly, and I want these dash cams by February 1st. So it tells me that “Savings needed to meet the goal” is $30 per week. That easy! Plus it’s a mobile app, so wherever I am I can just take a look. I don’t need to wait to get home to see where I am in my saving process. Totally obsessed with it, and have been using it since last year!

Here is more information to download the Money App.

3. Running

Of course I have to add this one to the list! This year one of my goals is to run the Kansas City Marathon, which is 26.2 miles! BUT FIRST, baby steps.

I have always run 5k’s, 3.1 miles, and I’ve ran about two or three 10k’s, 6.2 miles. This month I finally ran another 10k on January 6th, and a 5k on January 13th in Santa Monica. I haven’t ran a 10k in three to four years! It was such an accomplishment to finally run it and a huge step forward in my training.

Now that I have FINALLY run the 10k, I look forward to running another. My next running goal is to run a 15k, 9.3 miles, by March!

I am able to run these great races through A Better World Running. (Disclaimer: I am not being paid by A Better World Running in any way, this is my personal review.) I love signing up for A Better World Running’s races since they are affordable, convenient, and consistent. They have races nearly every weekend in Southern California. The host hosts them in Van Nuys, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and Santa Monica. You can sign up for a 5k, 10k, 15k, and a half marathon. My favorite part is finishing the race and receiving a participation medal. If you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you get a reward. Snacks, drinks and coupons are offered after the race as well.

4. Groupon

I have the Groupon mobile app, and receive various Groupon emails filled with new deals of local events near me. If you are on a super tight budget I recommend this. However, if it’s hard to say ‘No’ to deals, I do not recommend this!!

Groupon is definitely an obsession, especially with all these new year specials. (Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Groupon in any way, this is my personal review.) I was able to find great date night ideas for less $20 each! I’ve bought a voucher to a local brewery in La Verne, another brewery in Anaheim, and a voucher to play Glo Mini Golf for two!

Groupon also has other amazing deals for Couples Massages, Pet Grooming, Getaway Spots, Car Details, Cycling Classes, Memberships and Admissions to Museums and Zoo’s, Flower Arrangements, and the lists goes on.

Highly recommend Groupon if you are trying to find things to do in your local area, and find affordable date nights.

5. Bear + I in Matching Outfits

Another no-brainer, Bear! Of course he is going to be my obsession, he is my forever babe.

It’s been a bit rainy in SoCal lately, but that does not stop Bear from coming to work with me! The best part is when we are in matching outfits!

This month has been a great step in the right direction, and I am looking forward to what next month’s obsessions will be!

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What are your obsessions this month?
Comment and share with me below!

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