2019 Goals

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I am a strong believer in setting goals! I do these instead of resolutions each year.

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I make daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for my personal life AND for my business. With the new year, I wanted to share with you what personal goals I have set, and a glimpse of my business goals!

My Personal Goals for 2019

  • Save Money
    • Each year, I set a goal to save a specific amount of money. In My 5 Monthly Obsessions for January, one of them was an app Money Box. It helps me track how much more I need to save, and it breaks it down to how much I need to save each week or month to reach my financial goal.
  • Hiking
    • Hiking up to the Hollywood sign and the Claremont 5 Mile Loop have been something I have been wanting to do since we moved to Los Angeles! So I decided to get serious about it and add it as a goal this year.Hiking
  • Run a Half-Marathon and a Full-Marathon
  • Consistent Blogging Routine
  • Taking Spanish Lessons
    • Which I am currently taking! I am 4 weeks in and it has been a lot of fun! I have my Spanish lesson once a week with my teach that I found on italki.
  • Swim with Dolphins
    • Alex and I are taking a trip to Cancun this July and swimming with dolphins is on the MUST DO list! Alex got to do this as a kid and brings it up all the time! He shares how much fun it was and how friendly and smart they are.
  • Savings Account for the Babies
    • I don’t have insurance for my pets because it doesn’t cover the things I want it to. So my goal is to set extra cash aside for my pets for cases of an emergency.
  • Get all photos from 2016-2017 off my phone + printed out
    • On my phone I have over 10,000 photos! And a lot of them are from 2016!! 3 years ago!! SOOO my goal is to upload them to my computer, pick the ones I want to print out, head over to Costco and get them printed, and then add those to a photo album. I intend to upload and print a few pictures by the month. Wish me luck.
  • Read Magazines
    • Okay, so this will have to be on one of my month’s obsessions…my secret obsessions. I collect magazines. Like a TON of magazines. Specifically Glamour Magazines. I have a few Vogue, InStyle, and Entertainment Weekly’s in the pile too. But that’s the thing, it’s A 2 FOOT PILE OF UNREAD Magazines. Yet, I continue to sign up for those annual subscriptions. I love them.
    • What I do is when I get around to reading them, which I eventually do, I tear out my favorite articles along with the cover, staple it together and store it away. I do that because ONE DAY I want to have a portfolio of them or when I get a space for my very own office, I want to frame them and hang them all along a wall, side by side. It’s been a dream since I was a kid, and I’ve held onto it ever since. One Day.
  • Read 30 Books this year
    • For those book lovers out there, I know this may not be very much. But for me, it’s a lot! Growing up I wasn’t a big reader. It wasn’t until about a year or so ago until I really got into it. In 2018 I was able to read 9 books! From 1 MAYBE 2 books a year to 9! Plus I am not the fastest reader and I read when I walk dogs, but I do my best. So this year I am really going for it and challenging myself to read 30 books!
  • DIY Projects
    • I would love to try to make our own bed frame!
  • Turn 22!!!
    • HAHA okay so every year since 2008 I have added this onto my goals for the year, to turn whatever age I am going to be that year. It’s something that I look forward to, and is a great reminder to be thankful for living another year.

My Business Goals for 2019

Along with my personal goals, here are just a few of my goals that I have down for my business:

  • X amount of New Clients
  • 650 IG Followers
  • Research – Press Release
  • Partner with Apartments
  • Gifts for Clients
  • Volunteering Events set in place
  • 2nd Annual Share the Love Supply Drive
  • Reduce Ongoing Business Expenses
  • Offer Gift Certificates
  • Gain More Clientele Feedback

These are some of my goals for 2019. Now that I have the goals down, I take time to break them down. When I create my monthly, weekly and daily goals I take a look at the yearly ones to see how I can take the necessary steps to accomplish them!

Want to see what my monthly goals are? Check them out!

February 2019 Goals

March 2019 Goals

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Items I Use to Help Me Plan for the Year

What are your goals for this year? Can you relate to any of the ones mentioned above?

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