My 5 Monthly Obsessions | February

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A lot of people say that January is the longest month of the year, but for me it’s been February! A lot has happened, but it is all going by VERY slow! To help me get by, here are My 5 Monthly Obsessions for February!

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My 5 Monthly Obsessions | February

1.Hosting a Supply Drive for a Local Animal Rescue

This month my company, Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co. did our 2nd Annual Share the Love Pet Supply Drive for a local animal rescue, Priceless Pet Rescue for Valentine’s Day!

The great thing about having a growing business is having more clients to ask to donate! We gathered SO many donations for Priceless Pet Rescue, making it another successful drive for PPR. The Fire Hydrant team was able to collect food, treats, blankets, gloves, and cleaning supplies.

We decided to create Share the Love Pet Supply Drive in 2018 because we thought it would be a great opportunity for the company to give back. So many people are sharing the love with their families, and we wanted to make sure the pets without families felt the love as well!

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2. Valentine’s Day Gifts

Another thing that the Fire Hydrant team did was put together gifts for our clients!

We included treats, bandana’s that my walker made, and a little drawing of the pets that Alex drew.

I DID make homemade treats! They were banana, oatmeal and peanut butter in the shape of a paw (Get the recipe here, Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats. Instead of rolling it out, I put the dough in a silicon mold.)

BUTTTTTTTT while we were dropping off the supplies at PPR, Bear ATE THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! (Video below) So we had to compromise and give our clients store bought treats *cries*.

I just laughed. It has been a very stressful week, and this was just the cherry on top. And he knew exactly what he did, and just put his ears down and walked to his crate. I was mad at him for two days!!! Not a happy dog momma.

3. My Job as a Pet Sitter + Dog Walker

My job as a pet sitter, dog walker, and business owner has it’s ups and downs! More than you may think. But I still love what I do! This month I have been focusing on how blessed I am to even be doing what I do, and how happy the animals and their owners are for what we do at Fire Hydrant. It makes my job worth wild.

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Each day I get to put a smile on a dogs face, or share lots of love with kittens. Which of course with their happy energy, it rubs off on you!

I am so thankful + blessed to have the clients I do, the growth we have, and the support we get from so many people around us. If you are able to do what you love, something that brings joy to others and yourself, then you have to just go for it! You may not know the ‘how’, but you will figure it out along the way and you’ll look back and be so happy that you did.

4. My Current Read | 101 Secrets For Your Twenties

I have been OBSESSED with this book for the last couple days. For months I have seen this book on my Instagram feed, Pinterest wall, Blogs, etc., and I FINALLY bought it. I bought it back in December, reading it now and it is amazing. It’s funny and of course filled with great reminders to ensure that you are not alone in figuring out this whole ‘Adulting’ thing.

I read and walk dogs at the same time, giving a lot of trust to the dogs I am walking to not run me into a pole! But, it’s so hard to put it down. It has me rushing over to the next client to walk so I can continue to read this book. Once I get home to Alex from walking all the dogs, I read him my favorite secrets.

Get Your Copy Here!

5. The 3 Years Bear + I Have Been Together

Yes! I adopted Bear 3 years ago on Valentine’s Day in 2016. He was 10 months old when I adopted him from Kansas City Pet Project, and has grown into a very smart, loving, and all around great dog. He has the biggest smile that just melts your heart and makes you smile too.

However, due the the mess he made as you saw in Obsession #2, we had to delay our 3 year anniversary. *smile, eyes widen, awkward giggle, “yeahhh”*

We did end up celebrating a few days later. Alex and I took him to Starbucks and had a little date! I am one proud dog momma, and I am so happy and grateful he is a part of my life, and I get to be a part of his.

Even though this month has been feeling longer than it actually is, I am proud of the the things that my company and Bear and I have accomplished this month. We have come so far, and I am obsessed with what the future holds!

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