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My Self Care Routine

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Why Have a Self Care Routine?

Having a routine helps us create daily habits, along with decreasing stress, and helping us be more prepared.

Having a self-care routine is to create a habit for to you prioritize yourself. If you don’t have time to do it every day, at least try to do it as many times a week as you can. It will make you feel better, help build confidence, and help with you having a better understanding of yourself. It makes you really appreciate your ‘me-time’!

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My Self Care Routine

Now I am not perfect by any means! Sometimes I miss a day, or reschedule my self-care time for another day, or decide to switch up one self-care activity for another. But what I have here for you is my self-care routine that I do and try to stick to most of the time!

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Gym | Workout for 30-60 minutes. Run 2-3 miles and do a leg or arm workout, followed by some core. I do this about 3x a week. If I am unable to do it in the morning, I go in the afternoon.

Make Bed

Eat Breakfast + Smoothie + Coffee

Brush Teeth

Wash Face + Apply Face Mask

Journal + Plan Out The Day


Read | I do this in the morning as well while walking dogs.

Brush Teeth

Overnight Face Mask | Only if I did not use mask during the day.

Journal | I write down how the day went, and write down what I am thankful for that happened that day.

Go to bed before 10:30 PM | Any later, I am in trouble. 9/9:30 PM is the goal.

This is my general day-to-day self-care routine. There are days I don’t have time to a face mask, and am too tired to apply it at night but I DO MY BEST. To help motivate me and remind me to set time aside for myself I make a list in my bullet journal.

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Other Activities

I have provided you my day-to-day routine, but I also wanted to share with you other activities I do for my ‘Me-Time’.

I also have broken them down into three sections, Mind + Body + Soul, to share what I do for each aspect of my personal development.




Play a puzzle game on my phone

Turned off my notifications from Instagram + Facebook | Reducing the amount I am checking Social Media.

Watch a Movie | For me this is very calming + relaxing and is my go to place to get some me-time



Run / Workout

Make dinner at home 3-4x a week

Noticing and reducing my intake of sugar

Skin Care | Face Masks



Taking a moment to take deep breaths


Expressing Gratitude in my journal + to Alex + to God for allowing me to enjoy another day

Making my bed + having a clean work space (clear space, clear mind)

These are just a few things I like to do for my ‘me-time’. What are some activities you include in your self-care routine?
Share with me in the comments below!

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