My 5 Monthly Obsessions | March

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Another month down! Goodness, can this year slow down just a little? March has come and gone, spring has sprung, and here we are with another monthly Obsessions post. Let’s do this! My 5 Monthly Obsessions this March.

My 5 Monthly Obsessions | March

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1. Becoming – Michelle Obama

If you are following me on Instagram, (If you are not, you need to be! @Curlynloud!) then you have probably seen on my stories all about this book!


This is by far my favorite book I have ever read. I have been talking about this book non-stop for the past week and half. It has become a problem to where I randomly bring up Michelle in conversations like I know her personally. I have soaked up a strange amount various of details + stories from this book, where I could probably recite you what happens in every chapter of the book.

Quiz me, I’m ready! I got this!

What’s are the girls middles name, and who are the names from?
Malia ANN Obama from Barak’s mother, and Natasha MARIAN Obama from Michelle’s mother!

Did Michelle want Barak to run for Illinois Senate in 1996, or U.S. Congressman in 1999, or even President in 2007/2008? No!

Who helped inspire Michelle to help grow a vegetable garden at the White House and advocate fresh food to families in America? Their home chef, Sam Kass!


If you do not own it, I HIGHLY recommend that you ahead on over to a bookstore or Amazon to get yourself a copy.

OH LOOK! I have provided you a link right here, click the image below.

See how easy this is to a copy of her book! *wink* I got you. Check out my full review of Becoming – Michelle Obama.

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2. My Happy Planner

I have had a Happy Planner since 2017 and honestly love it! I needed to include My Happy Planner in my monthly obsessions to show my appreciation of this planner! What I love about it, is that I am able to customize it, add and remove pages, and order and add accessories specifically for my planner.

This month it has kept me and this blog organized!

I have inserted pages that I use as my bullet journal and other pages to write notes on. It also has monthly + weekly calendars, sections for each month for you to write down your goals, and other sections for you to write down what errands you need to run or what calls or appointments you need to make, and what you need to focus for this particular week.

Oh look at that, I am on fire! I have provided you a shortcut, just for you, so you too can have this amazing planner!

I PROMISE, I really do love this planner. And I am offering a link for you to purchase this planner as well. You do not have too, but just in case, it’s here for you. XO

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3. Spanish Lessons

Si! Estoy aprendiendo Español. Tengo una lección cada semana!

For years I have been wanting to learn Spanish. I took Spanish in high school wanting to learn the language, but I didn’t take it seriously. After I met Alex’s family who all speak Spanish, it motivated me to at least learn a few words and phrases.

Then I wanted to learn it EVEN MORE when Alex and I went on a work trip with my former job to the Dominican Republic. The last straw that pushed me into wanting to learn Spanish was when Alex, my brother Trent, and I went to Italy in 2018. I had to rely on Alex to get us places and order our food. Yes, obviously in Italy they speak Italian! However, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian are all very similar. They have common words where Alex was able to get by, and picked up a few Italian phrases along the way.

I found my teacher, Melisa, on I have been working with her since the end of January and love our lessons!

If you are trying to learn another language, definitely check out italki. You can find VERY affordable lessons.

4. FaceTory

Since January I’ve been receiving a monthly subscription, FaceTory, for face masks! I love face masks. I do one during the day, or I an overnight face mask.

Get a box of sheet masks delivered to your doorstep every month!

I try to apply and use a face mask at least 3x a week.

I have been obsessing with FaceTory because they include a cute and inspirational card, along with a card that has the description of each one of the masks that are included in your package, along with the 4 to 7 face masks for you to try. Another great thing that I really love about FaceTory is how they give you different face masks each month.

I hold onto the card with the description, because it share the name of the individual face masks, and it shares the retail price with you. I keep it so I can go back any buy the individual face masks that I really enjoyed separately.

So if you don’t know what kind of face masks you like, or don’t have the time to go out and buy some, or are open to trying new things and spicing up your self-care routine, FaceTory is for you!

Get 10% off at when you use code: FACE10

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5. Alejandro’s Cooking

I probably jot down Alejandro’s cooking in my journal everyday. At the end of the day, I review what I’m thankful for that happened that particular day. Alex cooks nearly everyday, and I am definitely obsessed with his food. For example, last night Alex added a twist to his Orange Chicken by adding cumin and curry.

HOT DIGGITY! It was delicious!

Alex also makes bomb-ass avocado toast (I live in California, of course we are eating that). He also makes loaded tostada’s, tacos, homemade pizza, tasty smoothies, hummus, and even makes the softest cookies you’ll ever have. He is hilarious, a great cook, and I love him dearly.

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Did your March go as fast as mine?! What have you been obsessed with this month?
Share with me in the comments below!

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