My 4 Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Instagram is my absolute favorite app and social media network! I love seeing the content people post, and I love watching peoples stories even more. A great thing about Instagram is that you can connect with people all around the world!

When I started my business, I was asking people for advice, and even found people to people I partner with. I did that all throughout Instagram!

Now I follow a lot of celebrities, and I love checking up on them whenever I’m on Instagram. But today, I wanted to share with you my favorite non-celebrity accounts that I have followed for awhile now. I love their passion and drive for what they do, and I love their content! Here are my top 4 Instagram accounts that you should be following too!

My 4 Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow on Instagram

1. As Told By Ash and Shelbs

Meet Lifestyle Bloggers and sisters, Ashley and Shelby!

These two motivated me to start my own blog! I have been following their blog and their Instagram for almost year now, and I love their content! I found them off Pinterest when I was looking for things to do in New York.

Ashley and Shelby post great pictures on their IG feed, are very interactive in their stories, responds to their audience, recommends great self-care products, have been doing Vlogs for years, and even started their own Sister Market where you can purchase home goods and things to travel with!

On their blog they talk about fashion, what to do in NY, where to travel to, and what they do for their own self-care!

My favorite things that they post about on their blog is their what makes them smile series. I love reading it because it’s a great reminder that we just need to take a moment and appreciate what we have.

Ashley + Shelby love going to Trader Joe’s + Whole Foods, getting coffee, and sharing their experiences around NY or on their travels! When they are staying in watching the Golden Globes or Friends, they share it with their audience and allow interactive questions to get us all involved.

Last year they did a coffee meet-up, and I was SOO sad that I couldn’t go since it was on the complete opposite side of the country! One day though…

I highly recommend you check out their blog at and follow them on Instagram! They will add some fun to your feed!

2. The Uncommon Pursuit

Meet nomads, Zach + Amanda!!

I do not remember how I found them, but gosh golly, I am so glad I did! They do not post pictures as often, but when they do THEY ARE GORGEOUS! Zach and Amanda’s stories, blog, and pictures make you want to leave your life behind and go to Thailand, Vietnam or even Taiwan!

They post on their Instagram stories nearly everyday! Their IG stories are so fascinating to watch because they show you the behind the scenes of how they are getting that perfect image for social media, how they earn money by teaching English or helping out others social media accounts, they give great tips about the cities they are currently living in, and share plenty images of food!

So whatever country Amanda and Zach are in they show their new place, the food they get to eat, the prices of a lot of things (usually SUPER affordable), and cool places like hidden and abandoned water parks or their time in the Bali rice fields.

Their account is super fun and interactive! Amanda and Zach are also very social and respond to their audience. I have asked them questions on how they got to where they are, what they do, and what a certain experience was like, and they’ve responded to it all!

Check out their blog at and follow them on Instagram to add some adventure to your feed!

3. Fitish.Allison

Meet Allison!

Allison is full of positive energy and it’s addicting! On Instagram she shares her health journey!

She posts the cutest and most inspiring photos to a healthy lifestyle. It’s not only about the workouts, it’s about your diet, meal prep, how you plan your day, setting goals for yourself, and STOPPING WITH THE EXCUSES!

It took Allison to participate in a 5k to make her want to make a change. She finally found the diet and routine that worked for her! Allison did not and does not give up on her health journey. Since she has fallen in love with her results, which you physically can see by visiting her page, Allison now offers Coaching courses to help and inspire others to feeling great about themselves.

In her IG Stories, she talks with her audience about the day she has, her challenges, her results, her dogs + cats, the things she uses to plan out her month or week, and her workouts!

Check out Allison’s health journey on Instagram to add some healthy inspiration + motivation to living a happier life to your feed.

4. Stylefeen

Meet Hortencia!

Hortencia is full of sass Brazilian blogger, influencer and YouTuber in New York. She is very active with her IG stories and knows how to make you laugh! One of my favorites is her “PATRICK!” series. You can easily find them on her IG highlights!

I love following Hortencia because she shares great hair products and how to apply them through her IG stories + YouTube Channel. She is very interactive with her audience and will respond to most questions or comments you leave through her stories or pictures.

She recently just quit her full time job to pursue the influencer + YouTuber Lifestyle! She shared a post about taking this leap. I had no idea how much time and work it took! The emails, to editing, meetings, etc..! She believed in herself to make the jump, and inspired her followers to the the same!

Check out Hortencia’s YouTube + Instagram to get some great beauty tips to your feed!

Who do you like to follow on Instagram?
Share with me in the comments below!

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