6 Amazon Must-Haves

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In 2018 I signed up for Amazon Prime and it was the BEST thing I could have done!

The reason I resisted it so much is because ever since we moved out to LA, I’ve been getting my packages pretty quick. Sooner that the estimated date of the Standard Shipping. Then a package actually arrived between the dates it said it would, instead of earlier like it has been. Then a second package, a third, and so on!

I wanted my packages! So I signed up for Amazon Prime and get my packages that same day, the next day, or in two days.

Amazon Prime ended up being a GREAT deal! Alex and I split it, which makes $60 each! I use Amazon Prime to receive personal and business items. And I wanted to share with you some of my absolute Must-Have Amazon purchases!

As you may have already seen with my reading list posts, I use Amazon quite often to order my books! But I wanted to share with you other items besides just books on the great and convenient things Amazon has to offer. YES, the list is endless. You can order groceries, buy a plant, order furniture, and so much more!

Today I wanted to share 2 of my favorite indoor purchases. 2 of my favorite pet supply purchases. 1 of my favorite Amazon subscriptions. And lastly, 1 of my favorite outdoor items!

Disclaimer: This blog may include affiliate links, and any purchases made through such links may result in a commission or credit to Curly ‘N Loud at no extra cost to you. All thoughts, opinions, experience, and advice is my own.


1. Double Sided Hamper

I was SOOO excited to buy this hamper! When we first moved to LA, we had this plastic hamper from Walmart up until the point it started to break. Once I found this one on Amazon I bought it immediately.

It’s affordable!

It’s easy to insert + removes the bags inside that are washable!

The bags are easy to carry!

It’s a great size + color!

Easy to set up!

We use one side for clothes, the other side for towel, sheets, mats, etc..

Overtime, my cats have even grown fond of it and now use it to sleep on it and let the light from the window shine down on them.

2. 5-Tier Shelving

Since we don’t have big enough storage areas to hold the Vitamix nor the popcorn machine, we bought this 5-Tier Shelving unit!

Once we got it set up, we were very pleased with it!

It holds our pots and pans, popcorn machine, KitchenAid, Vitamix, toaster, panini maker, crock pot, baking supplies, baking sheets, etc.. It holds it all! And it’s just along the wall.

It’s slim and fits nicely into the space!

Holds more than we expected!

Easy set up with two people.

Easy to clean!

It made our kitchen look organized + a cleaner look to it!

3. Furniture Scratch Guards

These furniture scratch guards have saved us and our brand new couch!!

Our cats love to scratch and get themselves to anything new we bring into the house. Once we took our couch of the boxes, they immediately started to rub up on it and put their claws into it! OUR. NEW. COUCH.

Thankfully I prepared for this, and I ordered these In Hand Furniture Scratch Guards that arrived the same day as our couch. *praise the lord*. Once we got the couch put together, we put these on! 4 weeks later, the couch is still in great shape!

And I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t magically stop the cats from scratching the couch, but it does reduce the odds! To redirect them we have scratch towers around the living room.

These furniture scratch guards were easy to apply.

Have held it’s shape.

Has reduced the amount of scratching from my cats!

4. Dog Seat Covers

These seat covers have been out for years! When I first saw them they were 300+!

But as a dog walker that picks up dogs to go walk with other dogs, and as a dog mom of a German Shepherd / Akita mix that sheds constantly, I had to do something to protect my car seats! So I got onto good ole Amazon and Meadowlark’s Dog Seat Covers came right up!

PLUSSSSS, it was only $50! I bought it instantly and got it within 2 days. You know when you order something that requires set, you put it aside because you don’t want to deal with the headache of figuring out how to install something?

Well you do not need to worry about that! This dog seat cover took less than 5 minutes! It only took me nearly 5 minutes because I had it upside down, and I was putting it in the car by myself. If Alex was there, we could have just pulled through and been done. BUT you do not need a 2nd person, it’s that easy!

Once you pull it out of the packing, find the handles, wrap them around your headrest, and you’re done.

Can easily be set up with 90 seconds!

Very easy to install + remove

Easy to clean.

Protects the dogs from swinging around in the back.

Keeps the dirt, sand, and hair on the seat cover instead of actually on my sets.

Very affordable and totally worth!

Even came with headrest protectors that protect them from getting dog slobber on them!

5. FaceTory

Get a box of sheet masks delivered to your doorstep every month!

I discovered FaceTory back in December and have fallen in love with their face masks! This past March, their masks included some of my favorite ingredients: Gold + Honey!

I order FaceTory monthly subscription box of 4, and it arrives right to my door each month!

Related: Why FaceTory?

These masks are super affordable!

Offer something new each month!

Arrives right at your door!

Provides a guide about each face mask that is in your monthly subscription package!

6. Outdoor String Lights

We have a surprisingly big patio! Whenever I go apartment hunting, I have not found a patio our size for the price we pay. I bought the 48 FT outdoor lights for our patio to spice it up a bit! And these lights did not disappoint.

They wrapped around my whole balcony/patio area!

In February, it rained nearly everyday, and I did not bring these boys in. They made it through the cold rain and still work great!

They add the perfect character I was looking for, for my patio!

They were a great price for the quality that they are!

Heavy-Duty! I’ve had to hammer holes into my balcony to insert a hook strong enough to hold these lights up!

I LOVE going out at night with a glass of Rose, plugging these in lights in, and enjoying the evening!

What were your favorite?
What are some things you have bought from Amazon and absolutely love?
Share with me in the comments below, I would love to check them out!

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