Ultimate Guide to Hiking the Claremont 5 Mile Loop

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The ultimate guide to hiking the Claremont 5 Mile Loop, Wilderness Trail!

The best part about living in Southern California is how close everything is! Especially from where I live. I am 45-60 minutes from the beach, 30-45 minutes from desert, 30-45 minutes from the top of Mount Baldy, 30-45 minutes to downtown Los Angeles, and 10 minutes from the base of the mountains.

The Claremont 5 Mile Loop is within 10 minutes from my house, and yet it took me three years of living here to finally get to it! It took one of my team members to get me out there *palm to face*. I have taken my clients dogs, and my dog up this trail and it burns SO much energy out of them! But they have a blast!

The first time we went was on a Wednesday morning with very few people out, and somewhat cloudy day. I had so much fun and the hike was so easy that I went back by myself to hike it again! The Claremont 5 Mile Loop is an easy trail that I HIGHLY recommend to do. Here is your Ultimate Guide to Hiking the Claremont 5 Mile Loop!

About the 5 Mile Loop

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Allowed time: 1 to 3 hours ; varies on speed of run or walk

Best Time To Go: In the morning, with partly cloudy weather. It can get hot!

Distance: 5 miles

Parking: $3-$5 / vehicle

Cell Service: Depends on location along trail

Bathrooms: Yes, in the beginning and along the hike

Water: In the beginning before hike

Dog Friendly?: Leased dogs are allowed.

Emergency Number: Claremont Police 909-626-1296


As you drive up Mills Ave, there are two parking lots. You’ll first come upon the one on your right. As you keep driving you will come upon a dead end, and there will be a north lot to your left.

The north lot is right there at the base of trail.

Make to sure purchase a ticket from the parking ticket station and put it on your dash!

One morning I paid $3, another time I went in the afternoon and paid $5. The ticket pay station does accept credit and debit cards.

There are park officers that come by to check frequently, so do not forget to pay!

Important Signs

Before You Start Hiking

Use the bathroom. There are 2 other spots along the hike with more porter potties.

Make sure you have plenty of water for yourself and your pet! You can refill your water bottles at the fountain near the entrance.

Secure your pets collar/harness. There are other dogs hiking on trail, so just be cautious and in control of your dog.

Poop bags for your dogs poop! There are trash cans in various locations of the hike. Please pick up and throw away your dogs poop.

Charged phone. Cell service is in and out throughout the trail, but make sure you have it charged for any cases of an emergency.

Be courteous and respectful of the environment and others around you. There are trash cans in various locations of the hike. Please throw away your trash and keep the trail and the environment clean!

Bring snacks! At the 2.25/2.5 mile mark, there is a rest area with some seats and trash cans for you to enjoy the view and take a little snack break.

Hiking the Trail

Once you pass through the entrance gates, you will come upon your first fork. You can take either direction! It’s a loop, so you will come back to this spot regardless of which way you take.

Personally, I like to go right.

Mile 1

When you first start off, it’s partly shady. Once you keep walking, you’ll get more into the woods. To the right you’ll see a deep creep and lots of nature!

Once you get through the very shady woods, the uphill battle begins! You are 3/4 of the way there to the 1 mile marker. Make it up the hill and around the corner. In the middle of there corner, there is a flat area to sightsee, rest, and take pictures.

Once you get around the corner the ground starts to turn red and you are starting to see the tops of trees! You have reached the 1 mile marker!

As you can see, the dogs are all quite happy about it!

Mile 2

Once you begin to exit the red zone, the trail will get back to tan with greenery surrounding you with amazing views. On your way to Mile 2, it is not going to have as many shady parts as Mile 1. Plus, it’s a bit more up hill.

Remember to be drinking your water!

Mile 2 Marker!

Rest Area

A bit into mile 2 you’ll come upon a rest area where you can sit and take a rest, along with looking out at the amazing view!

Mile 3

After the water break, the path is mostly level for most of that mile. A slight uphill here and there.

Personally, this part of the hike is my favorite because on both sides of you are amazing views of the city below. Plus all the tall grass whispering with the wind, and the dogs leading the way and enjoying themselves.

It’s a moment to take in and enjoy!

On the way to our three mile marker, Kali’s legs definitely were not able to stay up with the bigger dogs and had to be carried!

The dogs were exhausted! HA! Look at those tongues all hanging out!

Mile 4

Getting from Mile 3 and Mile 4 felt like it took the longest, but it’s only because you see so much! (Plusssss, I had to carry a small dog. So that probably didn’t help!)

Once you start heading towards the Mile 4 marker, you’ll eventually come upon your second fork. To the right, that path will lead you to more trails. If you are just trying to stick with the 5 mile loop, then you will be taking a left!

There is also a seating area, along with trash cans!

On your way to Mile 4, it’s the curviest part of the trail.

Reached Mile 4!!

The Last Mile

You’re on the home stretch! Keep going!

You’ll be entering the red zone again!

To ensure that the end is near, they even included a 4 1/2 mile marker!

Exiting the Loop

You did it! You should be back at the first fork, just on the opposite side. Not too shabby was it?

If you have pets, make sure to take advantage of the trash cans to throw away their poops. And take advantage of the water fountain, it has one low enough for your dog!

Happy Hiking!

What are your favorite trails in Southern California? What do you like about them?
Share with me in the comment section below!

Have questions about this trail? Comment + Ask below!

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