9 Simple Ways to Be Respected at Work

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Do you dread going to work because you feel disrespected by your coworkers? Here are 9 simple ways to change that. Not only will you have your coworkers respecting you, but your boss too!

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As much as we want to demand respect, it doesn’t work that way. We have to earn it.

If you are new to an office job at whatever level, I understand the expectations may be different. However whatever level you are on, working on the following to gain peoples trust + respect will make your job a lot easier.

You can’t go in there demanding that people do this and that expecting them to respect you! You need to act and show them that you deserve their trust. If they trust you, then they’ll respect you. So here we go, here are 9 simple ways to earn the respect of your coworkers.

9 Ways To Be Respected at Work

1. Be Kind

First and foremost be kind to one another!

If you are not kind to them, then how can your co-workers be kind to you back?

2. Stay Away From Gossip

Now if we take what we said from number one to be kind, then we sure know that it isn’t kind to gossip!

In an office it can be difficult to not hear it, let alone stay out of it. It’s human nature to want to be a part of things. But you are here to learn how to be respected, not how to fit in (even though the gossiping circle is not one you should even try to fit into!).

If someone comes up to you about something that “you promise you can’t tell anybody”, respectfully decline!

“Karen, unfortunately this is not a good time right now. I have to get X, Y, and Z done.”

“Bill, I don’t feel comfortable talking about this.”

Then turn away! Do not continue the conversation, because they will some how slip the gossip back in.

By staying away from office gossip, you are staying away from trouble!

3. Be Respectful

Say your pleases and thank you’s, good mornings, good afternoons, good day’s, good-byes, etc.. Even ask a genuine, ‘how are you today?’

Simple and genuine gestures will make a difference!

When a co-worker is talking with you (NOT GOSSIPING), then respectfully listen and be attentive in the conversation. Maintain eye contact. Same goes for a meeting, be attentive and respectful to the speaker!

4. Be Professional

This is a workplace, so put on your big girl panties and get sh*t done. When you step into the office, show up ready to work. And make sure you are dressed in professional attire.

  • Men
    • Suits
  • Women
    • Suits
    • Appropriate length dresses or skirts
    • Absolutely no revealing cleavage or see through tops or pants

How you carry yourself at work tells others how to treat you. If you show up professional + respectful, then others will treat you like it.

5. Be Punctual

Not only to work, but on tasks too!

If you say that you will make this deadline then stick to your word. Prioritize to what needs to get done and make a plan. If an extension is needed, ask in advance not at the last minute.

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When it comes to showing up to work on time, you need to take it seriously. Especially if you are trying to get that promotion.

Let’s get real here. Who would you promote? You who walks into the office 5-10 minutes late each week, and always asking for an extension on deadlines. Or Fred, who shows up either on time or 5 minutes early and gets his assignments in on or before the deadline.

So if you are not Fred in this situation, I would make some changes if I were you. By showing up on time, it’s respectful of other people’s time. When you are late to meet the deadline, it now effects Carries work and she now is backed up. Now that Carrie is backed up it also effects Susan, and so on!

Do you want to be respected? Then make sure you are respecting the workplace and the times they ask you to show up to work, along with meeting deadlines.

6. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

You are probably a really hard worker and striving for that promotion that will earn you more money. Which will be money to get you that new car, apartment, or outfit, whatever it is.

Just be careful to not take on more than you can handle.

It’s kind to ask people if they need help and taking on their load, just make sure yours is complete first.

7. Be Patient

In an office things can move quickly, and there are just certain weeks of the year that are hectic!

So if you trying to get a word in, talk about your next promotion, discuss new ideas just be patient!

Whoever you are trying to talk to has things on their mind too. Be considerate and respectful of their time. It’s okay to send them a reminder to make sure they don’t forget, just do not go overboard.

8. Have a Student Mentality

When I was in HR, this was one of the main things my bosses encouraged.

Things move so fast and are constantly changing, you may be put in a situation where you are expected to change with it. By having a student mentality, it allows you to do that.

What does it mean to have a student mentality?

It means to be open-minded to learning new methods, taking in constructive criticism, etc..

Have an open mind to what co-workers are telling you. They may be showing or telling you information you didn’t know. And if you did know, then just nod and be respectful. Take it as a brush-up on the skills you already know.

Don’t come in acting like a know-it-all. It’s okay if you are one, but BE RESPECTFUL and open-minded to other methods and opinions.

9. Be Confident

Above all, BE CONFIDENT!

If you are uncomfortable with something, speak up with confidence.

If you have something to say or add, speak up with confidence.

No one is going to listen to somebody who is unsure, unprepared, nor ready to go. You do not need to be an A-Type personality or an extrovert to do this. You are simply stating your findings, opinion, or perspective.

When you are confident and respectful in what you say, people will listen.

On the next day you walk back into the office, keep these in mind. Be kind, respectful, patient, punctual, professional, confident, stay away from the gossip, and don’t take on more than you can handle. You got this.

Work should be a safe place. When you respect others, they will respect you and that just makes the job that much easier!

What are issues you struggle with at work?
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