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3 Easy Steps to Start Your Ultimate Journaling Routine

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3 Easy Steps You Need to Start Your Ultimate Journaling Routine.

Whether it’s a bullet journal, a notebook, a planner, or whatever writing source you choose, just make sure to be journaling! Writing in a journal has been such a helpful tool, not just for me, but for so many other successful people. I believe that it will help benefit you too!

My dad bought me my first journal when I was a little kid, and encouraged me to write in as often as I could. I didn’t understand why growing up, I just liked it because I got to write. As I got older, I found myself writing in a notebook or typing on the computer to get the thoughts out of my head, and it helped me feel better.

Now that I’m older, I now understand the importance of writing in a journal and having a routine with it. Currently I write in it every morning. I jot down my affirmations and my daily to-do list. If I find the time I also do it at night, which is when I write down what I’m thankful for that happened that day, and reflect.

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Journaling is such a huge asset to our personal development.

So in this post we will discuss the 3 Easy Steps to Get You Started On Your Ultimate Journaling Routine. Those 3 easy steps that you need to know are…

  • Why You Should Journal
  • What Supplies You’ll Need to Begin
  • How to Start a Journaling Routine

Why You Should Be Journaling

Writing in a journal is free therapy!

You don’t have to leave your house to do it either!

You should write in a journal because it helps get the crazy out! We have all these thoughts, opinions and decisions to make that it can get overwhelming. Sometimes we just need to vent!

When you write or type in your journal, do not worry about grammar or if things are misspelled. Just get it out of your head and write it down! Journaling is not meant to be published for the world to see, it’s just for you!

Benefits of Journaling

1. Keeps You On Track

In my journal I include my weekly breakdown of the things I need to do. Then each day that I write in my journal, I have a to-do list of things that need to get accomplished that day.

You can use your journal as a tracker for your to-do list, daily agenda, appointment tracker, workout journal, anything you want! It’s there to help you!

2. The Perfect Brain Dump

Like I mentioned, this journal is not going to be published for the world to read. So just write and let it all out! Don’t worry if not’s legible. Let out those thoughts and ideas to help you get a clear perspective of yourself, of your day, or of the upcoming decisions you may need to make.

3. Clearer Perspective

Since you dumped it out of your brain onto paper, it will help you get it out and have a clear perspective. Sometimes we just get so into our own head that things start to get jumbled. When you journal, it helps you get it out and see the right path.

4. Allowing Your Creative Side to Run Wild

Journaling can be quite fun if you let it. That’s why bullet journals have been such a big trend.

With my journal, it’s not a bullet journal, but I treat it like one. Usually bullet journals have dotted pages or blank pages for you to design your own layout. I am not that artsy, but I do enjoy using fun stickers or colorful pens. It’s kind of like the coloring apps or books.

What Supplies You’ll Need to Begin

A Writing Source

Either if you’re writing in a bulleted or regular journal, you’ll need some writing materials to get you started!

Writing Utensils

Now that you have your paper source, let’s pick out something to write with. Instead of choosing the typical black and blue, try making it fun with things like colorful pens and highlighters.

Spice it Up!

To spice things up add stickers, personal photos, postcards, memento, etc..

How To Start A Journaling Routine

Create a routine and stick to it! Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Set a time each day to journal
  2. Grab your supplies
  3. Find a quiet place
  4. Start writing

THAT EASY! Now what are you waiting for?

Start writing! It’ll seem okay at first, but once you complete your first journal and look back. It is an amazing thing, to see that you stuck to something and that you did it! Hopefully you’ll be able to see the positive change it makes. I found myself over time writing more and more in my journal to help let some of the crazy out.

It’s a rewarding tool for your mental health. Take advantage of it today!

Do you prefer to type out your thoughts, or do you like to journal the old fashion way with pen and paper?
I want to know! Share with me in the comments below!

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