June Goals and May Goal Results

June Goals, May Results, Setting Goals, Accomplishing Goals, Goals for June

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“Without no dreams or goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here.” -Mark Twain

June has arrived! June of course is my favorite month since it’s my birthday month (June 2)!

I know I probably say this every month, but I can’t believe it’s June. Each month has come and gone and before we know it, it’s going to be the start of a new year!

So here we go with our June Goals + May Goal Results!

And don’t forget to share yours with me in the comment section below! How did you do with last months goals? What are 2 of your June Goals?

June Goals

  • Read 2 Books
    • Love & Luck | Finish by June 9th
    • One Day In December | Finish by June 30th
  • 30-Day Active Challenge
  • Run a race | By June 30th
  • Save Money
    • Animal Savings
    • NYC
    • Towards taxes (the joys of being self-employed!)
    • All due by June 30th
  • Blogging Goals
    • Become an expert with Tailwind | Do by June 9th
    • Comment on 5 other blogs throughout the week
  • Prep for Hollywood Sign Hike | Due by June 16th
  • Majesty Plant and/or two ivy hanging plants |Buy one by June 30th

May Review

May Goal Results

  • Read 2 Books
    • Abundance of Katherines (complete by: May 12th) Completed on 5.14.2019
    • Turtles All the Way Down (complete by: May 31st) Completed on 5.22.2019
  • 30-Day Active Challenge
    • Failed! This month I was too caught up in the business and staying up with the blog post, that I did not even go out once to workout. Super disappointed but am not giving up!
  • Save Money
    • Animal Fund Accomplished 5/17/2019
    • NYC Accomplished 5.22.2019
    • Excursions Accomplished 5/17/2019
  • Vegas Hotel + activities | Final decision if we are going or not
    • Again, this may or may not happen. But I intend to get a final decision on it and get the road trip planning started (if we go).
    • ACCOMPLISHED 05/02/2019 | We are going, but just for a day! It’ll be a nice road trip!
  • Blogging
    • Familiarize self with Tailwind (my goal is to have this figured out the first two weeks of may. So by May 12th! ) Failed.
    • Set up Mailerlite (due May 5th.)
      • ACCOMPLISHED by 05/04/2019
    • Details written out for podcast (due by May 31st.) Semi-Accomplished, have decided not to do a podcast at this time.
  • Read 10 Glamour Magazines (due by May 31st) Failed. Spent more time with books or blogs.
  • Prep for Hollywood Sign Hike (due by May 19th.) Failed. Did not make time to do it. I will keep at this though!
  • Upload + Print 2016 Pictures
    • I really need to get these off! HAHA
    • So my goal is to set a time block to just do them. Due by May 19th.
    • FAILED. 😀
  • DIY Outdoor Shelf
    • Can’t wait to share this with you!
    • Due May 26th.
    • Accomplished 5/15/2019
  • New Pillows (due May 19th.) Accomplished 5/15/2019

May Overview

May was a nice month! SUPER cloudy and rainy, but it was still a successful month. Yes I didn’t accomplish everything, but I am still very pleased with what I got done. Each week I still got a lot done even though it wasn’t even on my to-do list or my goals for the month. A lot of unexpected matters did arise, that did take priority, but they still got me in the right direction to a better tomorrow!

Don’t forget to share yours with me in the comment section below!
How did you do with last months goals?
What are 2 of your June Goals?

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