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6 Book Reviews | What to Read and What To Skip

What books to read, what books to skip. What book should I read next. What books to read. Top books to read. Book Reviews.

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What books to read, and what books to skip?? Well since I wasn’t blogging very often this summer, I didn’t get a chance to share with you the book reviews from the books I read in the spring on what to read! But I’m here now and I’m ready to share with you!

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With the books listed below that I read this past spring, you’ll definitely see that I loved some of them, and then there was some I did not like at all. I’ll explain why here in a second. But this past spring was the first season that I did not like as many books as I thought I would. I felt soooo confident with some of the picks, and I guess had too high expectations! So here we go, let’s dig to see what books are worth the read, and which ones to skip!

What books have you read that you were so excited to read and get your hands on, and once you did…the book ended up not being what you thought it was? SHARE WITH ME IN THE COMMENTS!

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Curly ‘N Loud Book Reviews

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What book should I read next. What books to read. Top books to read.

1. An Abundance of Katherine’s

By John Green

Rating: 2 Stars

Book Review: An Abundance of Katherine's , 6 Book Reviews | What to Read and What To Skip

I have had this one on bookshelf for over a year and have been meaning to read it!

Was it worth the wait???

It was not! I think I would have been okay if I did not read this one. BUT one of my goals is to read all of John Green’s books, so it had to be done!

Abundance of Katherine’s was about this child prodigy, Colin Singleton, and him and his best friend, Hassan, decided to go on a road trip and for the summer. The purpose of the road trip was to get Colin over his recent break up with the 19th Catherine he’s dated.

Colin has heard many times that child prodigy’s very rarely ever become genius’s. To prove that wrong and to beat the odds, Colin becomes obsessed with The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which he hopes will prove the future of relationships. Are they doomed to fail, or will they succeed?

While Hassan and Colin were the road, Colin saw a billboard stating that you can visit the Archduke Franz Ferdinand grave in a small little town in Gutshot, Tennessee. That grabs Collins attention so he begged Hassan to go.

Once they got there the boys met this girl, Lindsey Lee Wells, who gave them the grand tour! Later, the boys meet Lindsey’s mother, Hollis, who invites the boys to stay at her and Lindsey’s home for the summer if the boys do some work for her. Hollis has them go around Gutshot to talk with members around the community, and how much Gutshot means to them.

Throughout the story you’ll read how Colin struggles with himself, not feeling like he’s ever enough since every Katherine he’s dated as broken up with him, and the constant struggles of being a child prodigy.

Will Colin’s theorem help him predict future relationships? Will Colin ever be okay with the fact that it’s okay to not to be a genius?

2. Turtles All The Way Down

By John Green

Rating: 4 Stars

Book Review: Turtles All The Way Down, 6 Book Reviews | What to Read and What To Skip

I personally really liked this book! If you have anxiety then you’ll be able to relate to the main character, Aza, very well!

She suffers from extreme anxiety, hence the title Turtles All The Way Down. There are moments in the story where she has anxiety attacks, where everything begins to spiral downward. From this annoying voice in your head that will not go away, to a complete anxiety attack with having troubles breathing, focusing, and calming down.

“The thing about a spiral is, if you follow it inward, it never actually ends. It just keeps tightening, infinitely.”

Being someone that has anxiety, reading this was relatable and made it an easy and quick read. During her anxiety attacks, she would begin to ramble very quickly. The thoughts she has and how fast they are coming at her make it an interesting read. Reading how she spirals and what her ticks are.

Turtles All The Way Down is about these two teenage girls trying to solve the mystery of where Aza’s childhood friend, Davis Pickett’s, father has disappeared to. Oh! And the father is a fugitive on the run related to fraud and bribery investigations. While Aza is trying to figure out where Davis’ father went, she tries to overcome her struggles. As well as pushing her boundaries and opening up to Davis.

Will Aza’s obsessions and anxiety get in the way of her getting close to others? Will she be able to overcome her anxiety to help find Davis’ dad? Where did Mr. Pickett go?

ATTENTION: Aza does have severe anxiety and an obsession disorder that causes her to constantly pick at this scab on her hand and spiral into anxiety attacks. Please be careful with this read if you struggle with these things yourself.

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What book should I read next. What books to read. Top books to read.

3. Broke Millennial

By Erin Lowry

Rating: 4 Stars

Book Review: Broke Milliennial, 6 Book Reviews | What to Read and What To Skip

I really-really enjoyed this book! This book is one of my favorites of the season because it was different from the others, it was more informative and really opened my eyes to how you can be friends with your money!

You need have control and a healthy relationship with your finances, before it takes control over you!

Erin discusses and breaks down how to start talking about your money (no matter how uncomfortable it is), how to get your financial life together (#GYFLT)!, and shares with you what all the financial lingo really means.

My favorite things Erin talks about in Broke Millennial:

  • Online banks — and how they can help you save more and provide higher interests rates
  • Emergency Funds
  • Investment lingo
  • Snowball vs. Avalanche Debt Methods

You’ll learn so much from Erin in her book Broke Millennial. Plus I got to meet her on May 2, 2019 at her Level Up Your Money: Getting Real About Financial Wellness and Investing event, where she talked to the audience more about her book, and did a little Q&A session. During the event she gave us a copy of her newest book, Broke Millennial: Takes On Investing, which I hope to read in the fall of 2019.

Highly recommend this book to those that are trying to understand, trying to get a grasp, or even for beginners of personal finance.

4. Love & Luck

By Jenna Evans Welch

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Book Review: Love and Luck, 6 Book Reviews | What to Read and What To Skip

Sequel to Love & Gelato is Jenna’s Love & Luck, which is about Lena’s friend Addie and her trip to Ireland with her family.

Addie and her brother, Ian, used to be really close. Then a secret Addie is choosing keep away from her mom begins to effect her brother and tears them apart, no matter how much Ian begs her to tell their mom.

Ian is loved by many and is blessed with the talent of being naturally good at everything. Unlike his sister Addie who has to always make up for not being as good as her older brothers. Addie’s family is big on sports, and they rely heavily on it to earn a scholarship to college.

Addie’s family flies out to Ireland for her Aunt’s wedding at the Cliffs of Moher. During the ceremony, Ian and Addie have fist fight right there in front of everyone! Which of course did not make their mother happy.

The day after the ceremony, Addie + Ian were supposed to get on a plane to go visit Lena in Italy, while Addie’s mom and older brothers head out continue their vacation with their aunt. Their mother did not want to hear a single word from Lena’s father about their behavior. If they act up, even for a split second, she will make them quit sports (the end of the world for Addie)!

However, Ian had other plans for his vacation. His friend Rowan came to pick him up from the hotel so they can go see their favorite bands last concert. Addie stopped them just in time before Ian was about to leave her behind and go off to Italy by herself. Addie joined Rowan and Ian on a life-changing adventure.

But will Addie’s secret get in the way of Ian and her ever getting close again? Read Love & Luck to discover the adventures and the secrets Addie + Ian keep!

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What book should I read next. What books to read. Top books to read.

5. One Day in December

By Josie Silver

Rating: 5 Stars

Book Review: One Day in December , 6 Book Reviews | What to Read and What To Skip

I don’t know what it was with this book, but I did not want to or could I put this book down! I loved it so much, because it was the PERFECT chick-flick!

One day in December is about Laurie who is on a bus one day, and when she looked out her window she sees the man of her dreams. She didn’t think love at first sight existed until she saw this handsome man sitting on a bench. They both made eye contact and stared at each other both deciding what to do next. The next thing Laurie knows, the bus begins to move and she misses her chance.

Laurie goes and tells her best friend/roommate, Sarah, about the man and for the next year they try to hunt him down! With no luck, Laurie starts to lose hope.

Sarah and Lauri decide to have a little get together at their place one evening and Sarah brings a plus one to join. When Lauri sees whose Sarah’s plus one was, she couldn’t believe it! It was the guy from the bus station last year!! AND HE’S DATING HER BEST FRIEND!

Does he recognize her too? Will Laurie tell her best friend that she’s dating the man of her dreams?!

Each chapter goes back-and-forth between Laurie and Jack’s. The author did such a great job with writing out the narratives of the two. You get to read the thoughts of Jack and the thoughts of Laurie. You are along for the ten-year ride of reading the awkward moments within their relationship, as well as the funny and sweet and romantic and confusing parts of it.

There are moments that will just make you screech out of excitement from what’s going to happen next, and other moments that’ll make you cringe!

Another great thing that I appreciated about the book, was that it got to the point of the story! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Definitely my favorite RomCom/ Chick-flick read!

6. Eleanor & Park

By Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 2.75 Stars

Book Review: Eleanor and Park, 6 Book Reviews | What to Read and What To Skip

This book is not completely worth two stars, but it’s not a full 3 star book either… Elenor & Park is about these two teenagers who have never been in love, and they go through the emotions, feelings and experiences of having their first crush.

Park is from a Korean-American home, where his parents have high expectations of him. Eleanor is a chubby girl with big red hair with her own funky style. Because of her unique style Eleanor gets made-fun-of at school. Unfortunately, her home life is not much better. She lives with an awful stepdad, her mom who has to tip-toe around the house and serve her abusive husband, and Eleanor’s little brothers and sisters.

The two kids come from different backgrounds, but find a common love for comic books, music, and each others differences that others don’t see.

With Eleanor & Park it took awhile to get to the point and the good stuff. It had great character development and made you feel what the characters were feeling since we’ve all had that teenage-high school crush before. Like the scene where they make out for the first time, and all the nerves that go through their bodes that you didn’t know you had before!

The summary said that Eleanor & Park were misfits. TO ME, Park wasn’t really a misfit, he just wasn’t popular. It also mentioned how they knew that the their first love doesn’t last and how to make the most of it, when really they only discussed first loves once in the book when they were reading about Romeo & Juliet.

What I expected was that they knew that first love doesn’t last, and were going to try to defy the odds. When really it was more about how hard of a time Eleanor has at home and school, and how Park is there for her. They discover these feelings for each other that they’ve never experienced with anyone else.

It was an okay read, I would recommend it to others because there are cute parts. But personally was just not my favorite.

What book should I read next. What books to read. Top books to read.

Have you read any of these books?
What did you think of them?
Would you give them a higher or lower rating?

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