Books of the Month: April

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Due to being in quarantine, a lot of us book lovers have been eating up the books on our To Be Read (TBR) list! Before I hop into what I am going to be reading this month, I want to hear what you have been reading while staying at home? Share with us in the comments below so we can add more and more books to our TBR list! Now let’s begin: April’s Books of the Month.

1. The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party is the third book in Guillory’s fun, silly, and romantic series.

(1) The Wedding Date is about the love between Alexa and Drew. (2) The Proposal is the fun and sexy relationship between Nikole and Carlos. In this latest read, (3) The Wedding Party, is about Alexa’s two best friends — who despise each other, yet find each other extremely attractive — Theo and Maddie. They can not keep their hands off each other, and have decided to set ground rules on their FWB relationship until Alexa and Drew’s wedding. However, the wedding plans change, and the wedding is going to happen sooner than they expected. How will their relationship unfold? WE SHALL SEEEEEEEE!

2. The Money Makeover

With things taking a turn in the economy, what a better time to prepare and read about strengthening my financial fitness!

Ramsey will explain the common myths of debt, credit cards, loans, etc., and how to get that all paid off and be debt-free!

Once things get back to normal, Alex and I are looking into buying house and investing more into the business. Before doing so, we want to make sure we do it correctly so we don’t put ourselves in a sticky situation. PLUS, I use my credit cards way too much that it would be nice if I can let a few of them go, and be free from them!

3. The Book of Luke in the Bible

Yes, that’s right, the Bible. Early this year, I found myself seeking out religion once more. It’s been about four or five years since I’ve done much with it. I was raised as a Christian, Jehovah’s Witness, and still firmly believe in a lot of what Jehovah has to say. A lot of anxieties have been put to rest since I have pick it back up.

I have never read the entire Bible before, but it is one of my goals this year. In the past, I have always (and I do mean always) started in the book of Genesis. However, this time I started in the Christian Greek Scriptures with the book of Matthew. I enjoyed it so much I decided to keep reading! This months goal is to read and complete the book of Luke.

4. Almost Adulting

I’m pretty sure all of us adults have had our days and cried “I don’t want to Adult today!”

It’s rough between paying bills, worrying about your diet, experiencing body changes that didn’t use to happen, and keeping up with the constant struggle of forcing yourself off the couch, away from Netflix and your dog, to go and socialize with humans *cries!*

Well through all the essays, short stories, and artwork in this book, by the end, you’ll know all the secrets to making Adulting look easy!

Now it’s YOUR turn, what books will you be reading this month? Share with the #BookLover community in the comments below!

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    Great ideas 🙂
    I am reading BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert which is just brilliant. Love having all this time to read 🙂 X

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