3 Easy Steps to Finding the ‘Why’ to Your Business

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Knowing your ‘Why’ – why you are in business and why you are doing what you do – is the purpose of your business and helps steers it in the direction it needs to succeed. You may hear it all the time, find your ‘why’. But you may be asking, “How? How do I find my ‘Why’ for my business?” In this post we will be discussing how to find your why to your business in just 3 easy steps!

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3 Steps to Finding Your ‘Why’

In a few other blog posts I have discussed the importance of knowing your ‘why’ along with how you will need a lot more than just ‘passion’ to get your business to where you desire it to be. One of the biggest things you may hear when starting your own business – either if it’s online, selling a product, or offering a service – is to know your ‘why’.

In this post we are going to go over 3 EASY steps to finding your ‘Why’ for your business so you can steer it to success!

1. Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Why are you in business?
  • Why do you care?
  • Why are you selling this particular product or offering this particular service?
  • Does your business motivate you?
  • What problem does your product/service solve?
  • Why does your company exist?
  • Does your business align with your values – personal, professional, spiritual?

2. Dig Deep and Get Specific

It’s time to dig deep and get specific. Grab a note pad and write down the answers to the questions above! Dig deep from within and be vulnerable with yourself. Put your ego aside and really dig deep to figure out WHY you are doing this business, WHY it matters, and what the businesses purpose is.

Once you begin to identify your ‘why’, you need to be specific about it, and make sure to write the specifics out as well! Your why shouldn’t just be to earn money and to work for myself. When times get hard, the money is not going to matter and working for yourself is going to seem impossible. That is why it’s so important to know your WHY, so you can get through the ugly times in business.

If your reasoning actually was making money and working for yourself, then you did not dig deep enough or you just shouldn’t be in business.

Some of the best advice I was given in college was: “Show up. Pretend you care. And do the work.”

You need to care! That’s why the questions above are there! To help you have a clear and specific path for your business. You need to dig deep and consider what you value – either if it’s physical, mental, or spiritual values – they each play a part in finding your ‘why.’ Everyone’s “Why” is hidden in a different place, and the common areas in your life to start looking is within your day-to-day values.

3. Reflect

Now that you processed the questions above, got vulnerable with yourself and dug deep, and got specific on what YOU want and WHY you are even motivated to do this business in the first place – it’s time to reflect.

Reflect on your values and goals.

Do they align with your current business strategy now?

If not, then it’s time to make some changes and steer your business back on track!

And don’t only do this once. Check in with yourself and your business to make sure everything is on track and is steering in the direction you intend it to. Continue to take a step back, dig deep, get specific, and reflect on your WHY. And it’s okay if your WHY changes overtime. We grow up, things happen in life that just requires some adjustment.

Personally, when I first started this business my ‘why’ was so I could work for myself and take care of dogs and cats all day. Well when things got rough, I could care less about the dogs and would cry because owning a business was harder than expected. So I did these steps and re-evaluated.

Now? My ‘why’ is to be able to support my husband and I and to be able to live the life we desire, and be able to show our future kids what hard work can get you. As well as providing jobs and caring for animals. Look at your values and day-to-day. You business will play a part in all of it.

You got this. Just be honest with yourself and you CAN steer your business towards success!

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