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Self Care Activities for the Busy Body

Self care activities for the busy body

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Life just gets CRAZY at times, especially with things picking up after the COVID-19 quarantine. The hard work and hustle is fun, especially when you get the paycheck that you worked so hard for! BUT you need some ‘me-time’. There are so many self-care activities out there, but can any of them be quick / easy enough so you can get other things done?

Well you can put an end to that search, because in this article you will find quick and easy self-care activities that any busy-body can do!

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Self care activities for the busy body

Depending on who you ask, there can be three or five areas of personal development. The three being…

  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental
  3. Physical

The five…

  1. Educational
  2. Spiritual
  3. Physical
  4. Emotional
  5. Mental

However you choose to view the areas of your personal development / self-care, it is up to you! Just make sure to touch all the areas in order for a positive, effective, and efficient growth. Personally, I like to focus on mind and body/soul – I combine the areas. Lets first start off with mental activities you can do that are super easy for any busy body.

Mental Activities

For me ‘Mind/Mental’ self-care activities are activities that help my mindset and thoughts align with my goals and lifestyle, as well as strengthening my brain activity. Since I am someone who suffers from anxiety, I work extra hard in this area. Here are a few things you can do on a tight schedule that I highly recommend:

  • Reading – read a physical book or listen to an audiobook! If it’s a busy day to where I won’t be able to get a second to myself, then I plug in my headphones and listen to audiobooks! (Follow me on Goodreads for book recommendations and my current TBR)”

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  • Learning another language – Try the Duolingo app! You can set a timer and practice as little as 5-10 minutes a day.
  • Play Sudoku – Which is known for helping your memory and stimulating your brain.
  • Learn new skills – do you have a 5 minute break? Then take this time to LEARN. Watch YouTube videos on how to organize your workspace better to improve efficiency, or what meals are easy to meal prep and get you ready for the week. Learn how to make things easier for your self so you can get the things you need done so you can get back to your kids, husband, job, dog, whatever it is!
  • Meditate – Yes I know, how many times can you hear about meditation! But you are going to keep hearing it ’till you do it. Help your brain take a break and do not constantly overload it. Don’t know how to meditate? During that 5 minute break we just talked about, watch a video or read an article on HOW to meditate.
  • Journal – Sometimes our thoughts just get jumbled up with all the other things we need to do. So get those thoughts out of your head and onto some paper. Even if it’s just to vent, recognizing your blessings, or to simply write a to-do list. Either way, do it. Find the best way that works for you. I have a notebook, my husband has an app. There are many tools you can use, so pick one.
  • Color – Get a coloring book or down an app to relax and color! Reconnect with your inner child, take advantage of numerous of benefits, and go and enjoy coloring!

Physical Activities

Now to work on your body/soul, these typically do include movement. Of course when you have a million things to do, the last thing you care about doing is going to the gym. So try these instead:

  • Face Masks – Have 10-15 minutes? Give your skin the TLC it deserves and throw on a face mask!
  • During your lunch break, take a walk around the block or your building
  • Do a 2- to 3-minute core work out each morning/evening
    • Plank
    • Push Ups
    • Crunches
    • Side-crunches
    • V-sets
    • Turn to Pinterest for more ideas!
  • Walk your dog for 30-minutes – which it is recommended that your dog does at least get two 15-minute walks in each day!
  • Go for a bike ride – not only is is peaceful, it’s easy to go miles in and is easier than running.
  • Put on some Norah Jones, light a few candles, and take a bath! …or nap, totally up to you.
  • Run for 20 minutes around your neighborhood – no need for a gym! You have the beautiful outdoors. Typically people are able to run a mile in 9 to 15 minutes. So put on your running shoes and get running!

See? Not too hard! And these really do not take up that much time nor effort. Just create a plan! I created mine by getting out my iPhone, opening the notes app, and writing out an ideal schedule and made sure to fit in times for my self-care (my ‘me-time’).

On my busy days, I make sure to at least do sudoku before going to bed and listening to my audiobook on the way to work. IT’S SOMETHING. And that is all that matters because you are doing your best!

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