How to Write a Book Review (it’s easier than you think)

How to Write a Book Review

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On Bookstagram, Goodreads, or blogs that are dedicated to writing book reviews and book recommendations are so useful! Their reviews are written so thoroughly! It’s truly impressive how in-depth and professional people get with their reviews. Especially if they aren’t a celebrity and they just read in their free time like you and me.

It has the rest of us over here all intimidated wondering what the heck should we write?! I want to increase my Bookstagram followers too. But my idea of a review is: “I liked the book, I recommend it.”


Unfortunately, to help grow your followers or readers you will have to write more than that. FORTUNATELY, it’s easier than you think. So here’s how to write a book review to help increase followers.

**PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION, mention of… rape, harassment, bullying, any mental illness” is briefly mentioned in tip #2. It does not go into depth, but is used as an example when writing book reviews.**

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how to write a book review

How to Write a Book Review

1. Use Your Voice

Everyone is doing the same thing with a very similar goal in mind, but we all take different paths of getting there.

It’s okay if there are other book reviewers reviewing the same book as you. The difference between you and them? They aren’t YOU. You have your own opinions, thoughts, values, and experiences that have an impact on your point of view of the book. There are some books you are going to be able to relate to more than others.

I have an Instagram friend who shares her book reviews / ratings from a personal point of view AND a therapist point of view. She uses her own voice to share her take on the books she reads.

So that’s what you need to do. Don’t compare yourself, just speak your truth in your own words from your perspective.

2. Things to Include

As I mentioned above, you need to include more than just “I liked it, go read it.”

First off, if you put that your followers/readers will walk away thinking, “Well, WHAT exactly did you like about it?” Saying you “liked it” doesn’t say anything about the book. Secondly, it will leave them confused and not motivated enough to even check out the book that you liked! They will end up going to another bookstagrammer or blogger for recommendations, and may eventually unfollow you.

Ask yourself…

  • What was this story about?
  • How did it make me feel while reading it?
  • Did I like the main character(s)?
  • Is there a theme of the book that stood out to me?
  • Is this something I would read again?
  • Are there any parallels in the book to real life?
  • Were there any topics discussed in the books that made me or could make someone else feel uncomfortable?

Start with asking yourself those basic questions to evaluate your thoughts on the book you just read. After that, write them down!

In your review you can share the synopsis of the story, what you liked and disliked about the main or side characters, thoughts on the theme, if you share any similar traits or memories to the characters in the book, and/or any warnings to proceed with caution due to the book discussing harder topics like rape, harassment, bullying, any mental illness, etc..

You can also start or end with your rating of the book, and WHY you rated it what you did. Check out the CNL post, How I Rate the Books I Read, to see how I personally rate books.

how to write a book review

3. Don’t Overthink It

Right off the bat, we think of ALL those book reviewers that have written hundreds reviews. Well, don’t worry about them! Worry about you and use your voice to bring a book to the attention of others.

Your review does not need to be perfect! It shouldn’t be perfect.

If you want to improve your book reviewing/writing skills, pay close attention to the bloggers or bookstagrammers that write book reviews. Pay attention to their style and what they include. Then mimic them using your voice and sharing your own personal take on the book.

When writing the review, please be considerate and respectful when it’s books that are about different cultures or people that took different walks of life than you. It’s okay to not fully agree or understand with the character or where they come from. At least try and do some research and ask questions. But don’t dog on the book just because it was different from you and/or you didn’t understand it.

You got this! Now get out of here and go write some book reviews!

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