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The Expansion Project

The Expansion Project by Curly N Loud

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With the last 6 months being all out of whack due to COVID-19, it has given us all lots of time to think and re-evaluate a few things. Personally, my pet care business has slowed a ton. BUT I am not giving up and have been trying and learning all kinds of new things to keep growing!

I have come up with so many ideas (the problem of being an entrepreneur), and have been trying to implement them to the best of my abilities, and as best as I can while COVID-19 is still active.

I wanted to share some of these ideas with you to let you know what is happening behind the scenes of Curly N Loud, Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., and myself! I am also sharing these ideas with you just in case you are interested in any of them.

Let’s begin!

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The Expansion Project by Curly N Loud

Why The Expansion Project

  1. Truthfully…Because I just completed The Happiness Project audiobook and loved it.
  2. I am unoriginal at times and didn’t feel like asking my creative husband to come up with a new/different/original name
  3. Because this is what this all is! Expanding!

The Expansion Project

So how am I expanding my businesses?

Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., LLC

Fire Hydrant will be expanding to Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS!

It has been a dream of mine FUR-ever (see what I did there *wink*) to bring my dog walking business back to my hometown. I still will be residing in Southern California, but this will give me more reasons to return home!

I will be training and hiring a PURRRR-fect team that is professional, experienced, and just have a huge heart for animals! Even if I am not physically there in KC, I will still be monitoring everything very closely to ensure that all the dogs are being treated with the BEST service.

I love and miss Kansas City. I absolutely miss how friendly everyone was. I love the dog friendly and community based environment in the Greater Kansas City Area and cannot wait to begin walking dogs there!

Curly N Loud

Curly N Loud will soon be offering “coaching” courses. We are going to use the word “coaching” loosely since everyone seems to be a coach of some sort now days.

So I prefer the term “Guide”! I want to help GUIDE people to start their own businesses, either if it’s part- or full-time. I have had a few people come to me asking HOW to get started and HOW to do it. How this and How that. The beginning stages are possibly the easiest part, and I believe people get so overwhelmed, nervous, and fearful of just starting!

I want to GUIDE people into the process of just starting and going for it. It’s easier than we all think and I just want to help people get there!

CNL will also be offering courses on ‘How to Start Your Own Pet Care Business!’ So many people tell me they wish they can do what I do and spend their days with dogs. Well guess what! YOU CAN! And I can show you how. Just contact me and I’d be happy to help!


Since graduating college I have had the time to do more things that I now actually have time for! Like reading, focusing on my succulents, doing DIY project, and etc..

However, I never thought I would actually miss it! I miss learning, I don’t miss paying for the classes. But, I do miss the challenge, seeking out information and just the overall learning process. So I have signed up for some Udemy courses, been watching a ton of educational YouTube Videos, and taking courses to improve my pet care skills! And it all feels so great to be using my brain! HA!

What do you do to continue challenging yourself?

Share with me! I need some ideas!

And that’s it. These are my goals and my Expansion Project. Expanding my business and myself. This COVID-19 will not slow me down!!

What have done to keep yourself busy and to improve yourself????

SHARE WITH ME in the comments!

Featured image by Pixabay; Blog Graphic image by Visually Us

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