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Useful Gems I Have Learned on Clubhouse #001

Useful Gems I Have Learned on Clubhouse #001

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I LOVE Clubhouse…even a little obsessed with it if I am honest. I have such great conversations and learn SO much, which led me to the decision to share them with you on the Curly N Loud blog! So let’s dive into what I have learned this past week!

Useful Gems I Have Learned on Clubhouse #001

Useful Gems I Have Learned on Clubhouse #001


I am in a lot of Clubhouse (CH) Rooms that discuss Instagram! Instagram is such a great tool to promote your personal and professional brand, and there is SO much to learn about it!

This may be an #unpopularopinion… but I tend to love Instagram’s algorithm! Instagram’s main goal is to make their social media platform SOCIAL! They don’t want people to just like one another photos for the heck of it. The algorithm actually wants you to socialize with others by commenting, sharing each others posts, creating engaging and fun content.

Instagram offers such a wide range of features to be able to engage with each other! This week I learned about fun things to do in your Instagram Stories, Guides, and Reels. AND how to get use these features to convert into sales, followers, and engagement.


I just started posting Instagram Reels this week after getting some ideas from a CH Room for my pet sitting & dog walking company, and understanding how important it is to utilize Reels.

10 Ideas for Your Instagram Reels…
  • Offer tips & tricks on how your clients can solve a particular problem
  • How-To’s
  • Snapshots of behind the scenes
  • Unboxing Clips
  • Reviews on books / products
  • Team Introduction
  • Asking your team or family silly questions and sharing it in the reel
  • Showing off what’s in your closet or what you recently bought at the store
  • Jokes
  • Silly voice overs
3 Things to Remember When Posting Instagram Reels…
  1. Be a resource and share how to solve a particular problem
    How can you help your audience? What value do you offer them or can share with them?
    Really consider what message you are trying to get across.
  2. Show your face!
    It doesn’t have to be all the time, but at least once a week. People love to see who is behind the camera!
  3. Have fun & just be you!
    Don’t overthink it, just go for it.


I LOVE Instagram Stories! A room I was in provided a way for people to engage more with your stories. Which is to offer quizzes:

  • This or That
  • Caption This
  • Ask a Question
  • Do a Poll

Again, Instagram has lots of features to encourage engagement! Get creative and have fun with them. For my dog walking business, a few quizzes we have done to engage people in our Instagram Stories are…

  • What type of breed is this?
  • Name that tool? (for dog walking equipment)
  • Taking images from dog shows, and creating a poll to have our audience choose their favorite on an X amount of photos
  • This or That:
    • Dog vs Cat
    • Harness vs Collar Leash

What do you like to see in your friends Instagram Stories??? Share ideas with us in the comments below!


Instagram Guides are so fascinating! I saw the logo for it on someone’s page and had to find out what it was. Thankfully there was a CH room that talked ALL about it!

Benefit of Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides help your content not go to waste! It allows you to recycle and reuse the content you have spent so much time creating, and putting it at the top again for your followers who may have missed it or have forgotten about it.

Quick Tip: Add Carousel images to the Instagram Guides. So when people select the image in the Instagram Guide, they will reap lots of value from you and what you have created and offered.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content is content that isn’t limited to a time-frame or set to a specific time period. It can “stay fresh for [to your audience] over a long period of time.”

By creating content that is long-lasting can help you recycle your content — like Instagram Guides!

Make your content timeless!

Favorite Comments

The following are random things that I learned on CH that just stuck out to me this week. I may not have elaborate notes on the following, but I enjoy them and felt the need to still share them!

  • Solo Podcasts can focus on the podcaster and their expertise
  • Interview style podcast focus more on the guest instead of the host
  • When creating content for social media or your email marketing, try to follow the rule of thumb of: 2 values 1 sell
  • Repel 30% of inquires (them rejecting you). This actually a good thing, and means you niching down to your ideal client

That is what I learned on CH this week! I hope you found this information useful, and even potential prompts for you to further your own research!

See you on Clubhouse!

Photo by Karol D from Pexels ; Photo by La Miko from Pexels

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