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  • 10 Book Reviews from February that You Must Check Out!

    10 Book Reviews from February that You Must Check Out!

    For February another 10 books down in the 2021 Reading Challenge. Totaling 22 out of 75 books read for the year. What were those 10 books I read in February you ask? Well let’s check them out! I have provided you rating and my review of each book that was read last month in February.

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  • January 2021 Reads & Reading Challenge | Image by Polina Zimmerman
    Books, Lifestyle

    January 2021 Reads & Reading Challenge

    Growing up people ALWAYS would talk about how slow January would go by. It would literally feel like the longest month evvveeerrrr. NOT THIS YEAR! Everyone I have spoke to have been weirdly busy! Thankfully I was still able to get some reading in (thank goodness for audiobooks), and I am thrilled to be here to share more about them with you!

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  • Welcome to curly n loud 12.0

    Welcome to Curly N Loud 12.0

    I have re-done this blog a million and one times… more like three times…BUT THAT’S OKAY! Welcome back to the Curly N Loud LIFESTYLE blog.

    Curly N Loud started as a lifestyle blog…but then people told they were ACTUALLY reading it. LOL! So I felt the need to make it more specific towards a particular category/niche… or FOR people. Which then made blogging feel tedious and I started to hate blogging.

    So now…

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  • Why You Need to Befriend Your Competition

    Why You Need to Befriend Your Competition

    Why You Need to Befriend Your Competition :: When they say that you need to ‘keep your friends close and enemies closer’, they meant it! It’s the key to scaling your business to new depths. In this article we will discuss why it’s so important and why you need to befriend your competition.

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  • The Expansion Project by Curly N Loud
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    The Expansion Project

    I have come up with so many ideas (the problem of being an entrepreneur), and have been trying to implement them to the best of my abilities, and as best as I can while COVID-19 is still active. I wanted to share some of these ideas with you to let you know what is happening behind the scenes of Curly N Loud, Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., and myself! I am also sharing these ideas with you just in case you are interested in any of them. Let’s Begin!

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