Chapters & Crumbs Book Club

Welcome to our online Chapters & Crumbs book club!

We have created this online community for others to share their opinions or reviews over the Chapters & Crumbs Book of the Month + other books you may be reading or highly recommend!

We hope one day to have an in-person group!

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Book Review of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties
Ever wonder what is the heck you doing? Asking yourself, ‘what do I do I now? Or that daunting question,
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Book Review of The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby is an American Classic. Most High Schoolers across the U.S. are required to read it. It’s known
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Must Read Books + Reviews, Books
10 Books to Read This Spring
Spring is nearly here! Which means I finally get to share with you what we will be reading this Spring!
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Must Read | Fall 2018
I am not the biggest ‘book nerd’ you will ever meet, but I do love to read as often and
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