Welcome to Curly N Loud’s ElementaryScaling: Business Education & Development!

Having a business doesn’t always need to be hard! Lots of it is quite easy when you have the right kind of help. “It’s elementary!”

ElementaryScaling is all about helping you understand…

  • HOW to run your business efficiently, especially when it comes to day-to-day activities
  • HOW to start your business
  • HOW to hire the right team for your company
  • HOW to stop running around with like a chicken with your head cut-off putting out

It is time that you RUN YOUR BUSINESS instead of your business running you.

Either if your business is online, a blog, a service-based or product-based business, crafts, and even pets! I am here to help. Even with all these different kinds of businesses, the foundation of business is the same. And I am here for you to help!


  • SOP Creation
  • Moderate/Co-Moderate a Clubhouse Room
  • Employee Training (Pet Industry Only)
  • 1:1 Pet Business Coach
  • Recruiter (Coming Soon)
  • Book Reviewer
  • Content Creator for Instagram
  • Blog Post Creation
  • Meeting Agenda & Notes
  • Online Courses (Coming Soon)

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) Creation

Let’s get your processes and procedures in place and in writing! Get your business onto a strong foundation to make things flow like clockwork.

What’s Included?

  • A copy of the procedures in a Google Doc, Microsoft Word, and PDF format
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Three (3) edits

What’s Required?

  • A minimum of two (2) meetings to talk about…
    • …your business. Share with me what you and/or your company does, and how you have verses’ want things to be run
    • …proofreading. A follow up to review the SOPs contents to make sure everything is covered and wording is to your liking
  • Access to all social media, website, reviews, current SOP’s, contact with supervisors, managers, anyone in charge of a specific department of the business to get a full grasp of how things are done


$10 per page

$225 for 25-page handbook (save $25)

$450 for 50-page handbook (save $50)

$675 for 75-page handbook (save $75)

$925 for 100-page handbook (save $75)

Write a Review for Your Book

Let’s increase the presence of your book! Send me a copy of your book and it will be shared on all social media platforms. 

Accepted genres: fiction, personal development, historical fiction, young adult, non-fiction, cookbook, memoir, autobiography, mystery, thriller 

Pricing & What’s Required?

  • Social Media Post on the Curly N Loud Bookstagram Profile*
    • Free! Just send me a physical copy of your book
    • Social Media handle for me to tag
  • Blog Post
    • $25 per post
    • Payment required beforehand

Curly N Loud Instagram Insights

  • 1550+ Followers
  • 1,700+ Content Interactions
  • 2,000+ Accounts Reached
  • 83.3% Women; 16.7% Men

Mail Your Book to:

Kylie Holliman-Rivera
PO Box 714
La Verne, CA 91750

Social Media Creation & Automation – Instagram Only

Let’s show off you and your brands personality, and increase your online presence!

What’s Included?

  • Clean and engaging posts that represents your company’s brand (message, colors, fonts, mission)
  • Approval before positing
  • Three (3) edits
  • Unlimited email contact

What’s Required?

  • Any account with Later or Planoly
  • Any and all account logins


$90 for 14 posts

$175 for 30 posts

Moderate/Co-Moderate a Clubhouse Room ♣️🏠

Let’s moderate a Clubhouse room together! Contact me at to discuss.

Topics I Discuss:

  • Apps/Programs/Softwares that business owners can benefit from
  • Balance
  • Books
  • Boundaries
  • Cats
  • Coffee
  • Customer Service
  • Dogs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources (Hiring, Recruiting, SOPs, Employee Relations, etc)
  • Instagram
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Women in Business

Meeting Agenda & Notes

Need official meeting minutes / notes for your meeting, and sent to your team within a reasonable timeframe? 

What’s Included?

  • A copy of the agenda and notes in a Google Doc, Microsoft Office, and PDF format
  • Unlimited email contact

What’s Required?

  • List of frequent attendees & their email addresses
  • Meeting Link / Meeting ID
  • Time & Date


$25 per hour

Blog Post Creation

Need someone to write blog posts for your company?


250-500 Words

500-750 Words

1000+ Words

Want me to guest post? Contact me at

Employee Training (Pet Industry Only)

Have me train your employees FOR YOU while you sit back and relax!

Contact me at for more details and pricing! Every business is different, and I want to set the best deal that is meant for you and your pet business.

1:1 Pet Business Coaching

Join me in my Set Your Team Up for Success Signature Program!

In my signature program, we will break down…

  • how to find the right person for your team
  • how pinpoint what their tasks will be
  • the pre-interview process
  • the interview process
  • the hiring process
  • AND how to set your team up for success and keeping them around longterm

What’s Included?

  • Complimentary Phone Consultation to get started
  • Interpersonal conversation to develop a clear view and understanding of the material
  • All documents and information you need to be successful
  • Unlimited email access
  • Homework

What’s Required?

  • Your full attention
  • A commitment


$25 for a 30-minute call

$45 for a 60-minute call


Coming Soon

Online Courses

Coming Soon

Work with me!

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