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Welcome to Curly ‘N Loud!

Empowering Aspiring or Current Business Owners to Master the Art of Balancing Business & Self-Care

Why is Balance Important?

As an aspiring or current business owner when it comes to your business things can get crazy, stressful, and time-consuming! By the end of the day you are exhausted and just can’t anymore!

Isn’t the reason you wanted to go into business for yourself in the first place was to have…

  • freedom?
  • a flexible schedule?
  • the ability to take back control of your life?
  • a life where you live and thrive off your own rules?

Then why are spending this, could be-rewarding, time feeling stressed and out-of-control? Leading to the constant feeling of wanting to quit and go back to a secure job.

Either if you are currently in business or aspiring to be, it is important to have BALANCE!

Why? Because we want that freedom and control of our own lives! Being able to pursue our passion and do what we love. But when our business is running us to the ground, what joy is that?

What You Will Learn From Me

You will learn how to balance your business AND having a life! The life that you have pictured and that keeps you up at night.

Through my future courses (coming soon!) and this blog, you will be able to the have the knowledge of how to run your business successfully and being able to do the hobbies you love!

Before Diving In…

Here’s a little about me and why you should stick with me!

Welcome! I’m Kylie, the blogger behind the screen!

I have created this blog to share my experience in the hopes that it’ll help others. I want to help aspiring or current business owners Master the Art of Balancing their Business and keep up with their Self-Care! Self-Care as in making time doing the things you love and that make you happy! Isn’t that the reason we become business owners? To live the life we choose on our own terms.

Just a little about me summed up into a short paragraph…
I am originally from Kansas City, Kansas and lived there for the first 19 years of my life. I met my then-boyfriend, now-husband Alejandro there, and we moved cross country to Southern California with his college best friend Zero, our two cats Autumn and Sundae, and our ginormous dog Bear.

Since I moved here to Los Angeles in 2016, I have accomplished some amazing and rewarding things…

  • Graduated from college with 3 degrees: Business, Liberal Arts, and General Sciences. I absolutely love learning and I am constantly taking some kind of course to further my education.
  • Become an avid reader (Reading about 4-8 books per month)
  • Adopted 3 more cats, Sylvester “Sylvie”, Archibald “Archie”, and Sadie; along with adopting 1 more dog, Kali (We are a family of 9…two humans, seven animals)
  • Let go of my amazing job as an HR Assistant for a marketing and sales firm in Orange County to follow my passion of walking dogs and caring for cats  
  • Started my own small business, Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., LLC and Curly N Loud Blogging & Business Coaching
  • Married my best friend by eloping on July 24, 2019 in Hollywood Hills, CA (Which was THE BEST day of my life!)

It all has been an amazing journey, and I am so thankful that you are here to be a part of it.

Why Follow The CNL Blog?

Curly N Loud is for the aspiring or current small business owners, lovers and/or workers in the business profession, and for those who love or need to improve on self-care. Here at Curly N Loud, I am here to remind you to work hard and value your business, MEANWHILE, knowing when to take a break and care for yourself.

Creating a balance!

So here at Curly N Loud I will reveal all that I learn and know with you! I will provide you with experiences, tips + advice, failed attempts, and inspiration to help you be the successful business professional or owner you desire to be…along with taking your self-care into account!

Meet The Rivera Squad

My Husband,
Alejandro, “Alex”

We have been together since 2014, and met in Kansas City. Alex is originally from Houston, TX and went to school in Kansas City to get his BFA. We have traveled together, have experienced a lot of firsts with one another, and have grown our fur family quite a bit over the years.

He is the love of my life and makes me such a proud dog mom! Bear is a German Shepherd + Akita Mix.

He loves his cat siblings, playing tug-of-war, and going to work with mom.

Autumn the Orange Tabby + Sundae the Calico. Alex got Autumn first, thought he was a female, but then we found out TWO YEARS LATER he’s actually a male.

Sundae, Alex got a few months later as a little kitten that was stranded in the pouring rain. She’s our little princess.

CAT TIP: Orange Cats are always Males, Calicos are always Females. Very 
rare to see it the other way around

Our next cat was Archibald, “Archie”! He is a mamas boy!! We adopted him when he was 3-4 months at the Baldwin Humane Society. People talk about that moment where a pet chooses it’s owner and blah blah blah. WELL, Archie chose us and we absolutely could not say no to him.

Last, but definitely not least, Sylvester, “Sylvie”. He is our youngest. We got him A DAY AFTER Archie. *palm to face*
I was scrolling through FB and saw this cutie and his two siblings. They were abandoned and found under a house. Drove out to pick him up in Buena Park, and so here we are with 4 cats + 1 dog.

They all get along, play, and cuddle up with each other! They are our babies, and couldn’t ask for better pets.

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