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  • 50+ Must-Read Books by Black Authors

    50+ Must-Read Books by Black Authors

    For 400 years, black people have been oppressed. From being forced into slave labor, marching for our voices to be heard, being segregated and discriminated against, having to fight for our right to vote and to be treated and viewed as equal. Here we are in 2020, and black people are being shot at or killed because the cops are “scared”, when they are the ones with the gun.

    Personally, all I can do is share the word and let others know that black people matter via social media, calls on the phone, or in person. Black lives mean something, they matter! These are human lives we are talking about! Friends, family, neighbors, etc. getting severely hurt, abused by excessive police force, not given fair and equal justice as the white man. People of color (POC) – blacks, latios/latinas, Asians, etc.. – we deserve to be looked at and treated as equals.

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